RDCoder enables optimal qualitative and quantitative data collection in a structured yet flexible manner, aggregating F&B experiences from your team members around the world. Using our methodology & media-forward technology, you’ll be asking better questions to get the answers you need to make more confident decisions for your business.


Manufacturers and Food Service Operators use RDCoder to identify, create, and develop gold standard recipes, precise formulas, provide insight into plant trials, and document sensory evaluations. Our tool will become your digital lab book, capturing your teams tribal knowledge to rely on when working with your colleagues, suppliers, co-packers, and customers.


RDCoder makes it possible to have virtual eyes and ears in every one of your locations and daily operations. Automatically aggregate data from your customized forms & surveys for you to access anywhere for running analytics on small things that make big differences.

Consumer Insights

Blending anthropology, ethnography, culinary arts, and sensory & food science, RDCoder brings a virtual harvest of meaningful consumer understanding that is the very foundation of creating successful ingredients, menu items, and consumer goods.

About the Platform

Imagine your photos, notes, videos and ideas from your field research, food tours or daily food & beverage experiences could be easily found, anywhere, anytime! Think about how challenging it is to have your team spread out around the country, or globe and how useful it would be to get feedback on activities and witness their experiences as they are happening. RDCoder empowers an organization’s R&D team, including Marketing, Consumer Insights and Operations to customize the interface to match their current processes and workflow.

RDCoder saves time and money by freeing up your talent to do what they do best and make sure they don’t get tied up with admin work. For your organization, this tool reduces human resources liability and ensures credibility and accountability by archiving your team’s work, while providing selective access to other team members experiences as needed.

Our structured and flexible modules enable you to methodically harvest media rich contextual content with a mobile app that syncs via cloud to laptop/desktops, reviews the data and exports for further analysis. Through our innovative software we provide a functional and adaptable set of tools for Research and Development from Idea to Launch.

Functions That Matter

Cloud Based Syncing

Cloud Based Syncing

We all live active lives and RDCoder travels with you on your mobile devices. Our system empowers today’s developer to perform field research, capture data in the kitchen/lab, document the scale-up process, monitor product or menu item launches, and gather consumer insights. All of this data is synced, stored and backed-up in the cloud so you and other team members of your organization can access it anywhere.

Multimedia Live Coding

Multimedia Live Coding

Multimedia is critical to capturing experiences, and being able to quickly and succinctly access that data is essential to unlocking that richness. RDCoder gathers your qualitative results with quantitative data utilizing a unique live video-tagging feature. This makes access simple and efficient. Automatically created video tags provide a table of contents, allowing one to jump directly to important sections of media.

Geotagging and Time Coding

Geotagging and Time Coding

When working across a multitude of states and countries, the amount time to gather data from teams abroad can be a monumental effort. Keeping track of where they were when the data was captured is an additional challenge. As a direct result of these challenges during our own experiences, RDCoder was designed to automatically tag time and location data. This allows one to easily find, access and sort information while viewing it on a map.

Anytime Media Capture

Anytime Media Capture

That moment of inspiration can happen anywhere and often quickly, don’t miss it! RDCoder’s ad hoc media scroll down menu gives one the power to capture impromptu photos, videos, audio and text at any moment. As in all functions of the software, these “media captures” are automatically linked to the coded experience thus building a more complete, accurate and reviewable database.

Automatic R&D Archiving

Automatic R&D Archiving

We all know the R&D process is complicated and hard to keep track of. Time and effort is best spent on priorities that require team’s expertise, not administrative tasks. The RDCoder system frees up the team to focus less on tactical data capture and allows them to focus on what they do best! Every activity in the kitchen/lab is automatically logged using our archiving system – providing valuable insights like never before.

Fully Customized Surveys

Fully Customized Surveys

RDCoder is developed to be adaptable to your research and development objectives, process and workflow. Our proprietary Content Management System allows the creation and deployment of customized surveys with or without internet access. These surveys are used internally for guided contextual data capture or are used with a consumer-facing interface that prompts to review multi-media and give responses.

Who We Partner With

Research &

This is what started it all and why RDC exists: to improve the methodology of mixed method research combining qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. RDC partners with leading culinary schools, colleges and universities in research projects to utilize technology to gain deeper understanding of the world’s foodways, eating behaviors, flavor development, and sodium reduction.

Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Whether you have a few facilities or have grown into a multi-national company with numerous brands, RDCoder is a useful system for your research and development process and is a collaborative platform for R&D, Sales, Marketing, QA, and Operations departments. It’s also a tool to gather, aggregate, and exchange information with your suppliers, co-packers and customers.


RDCoder provides operators with a set of tools to guide and document the R&D process from beginning to end. You no longer need to struggle to keep track of what’s happening at all your locations; we can help you develop a custom solution enabling you to see what’s actually happening at any time. Imagine your own dashboard showing you the actual F&B you are serving each and every day.

Principal Consultant

Robert Danhi

Chef Robert Danhi is an entrepreneur & obsessed researcher with more than 30 years in the F&B industry. Beginning as a chef in restaurants, an educator at the Culinary Institute of America, an author of a James Beard Finalist cookbook on Southeast Cuisine, a host of his own 26-episode TV Show, Taste of Vietnam and a main judge of Top Chef Vietnam-Season One. Then, fifteen years in R&D inspired Chef Danhi to create Global Flavor Shakers, a line of seasonings and toppings for consumers, foodservice operators and manufacturers.

In 2016 he founded RDC, a company focusing on Research, Development, and Consumer Understanding. Chef Danhi’s latest endeavor is a collaboration with InterField to bring to life RDCoder, a software system specifically for F&B industry, research, and education organizations. His technology enhanced consulting enables companies and organizations to effectively and efficiently create delicious flavors evoking emotional responses and creating memorable experiences. More on Chef Danhi at

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